things that were are things again

Things that were are things again is a project that was initiated in the mid 1980's and represents an early exploration of local economies of scrap materials, scavenging, and recycling networks. The process of production was simple and open-ended. It involved melting scrap aluminum objects and open-casting the metal in shallow molds made by pressing objects into soil. These shallow molds capture an imprecise, foot-print like a trace of the original object, the identity of which is sometimes clear and sometimes not.  The cyclical, transformative nature of the process suggests an interconnected universe of objects captured or documented by this primitive, transformative, mode of production. The castings themselves find a new state of being--neither renovated nor renewed but part of a growing archive of ragged "things made from other things",  each piece capturing the brief moments, and chance occurrences of cooling and solidification.

Things that were are things again have been exhibited in variously configured installations, in New York, Berlin, and Paris.