monk parakeet

Monk Parakeet is a Chicago-based experimental art project and curatorial platform. It challenges and bridges diverse urban audiences; questions assumptions about how artistic and interdisciplinary cultural programming can unfold on a neighborhood level; and builds connections between local and international initiatives.

Monk Parakeet, was launched by Dan Peterman in 1994 on Chicago’s Southside alongside a diverse hub of start-ups that included at that time the Baffler Magazine, Blackstone Bicycle Works, Neighborhood Conservation Corps, a woodworking shop, common kitchen, community gardens and more. Programming in the 1990’s was an interweaving of collaborations, residencies, exhibitions and onsite projects that invited artists, writers, and cultural activists into an energized, multi-functional setting–further framed by the complexities and challenges of the surrounding neighborhood. A fire in 2001 mostly destroyed the building–located at 6100 South Blackstone–but lead to an innovative restoration process and the founding of the Experimental Station in 2002. After a 15 year repose, Monk Parakeet is tidying up it’s nest (co-located with the Experimental Station) and re-engaging Chicago's unique urban landscape and legacy of artist-run initiatives, socially alert art practices, and urban place-making.

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