accessories to an event

Accessories to an event is a project title applied to several related series of objects that function as modular, expandable systems. These object series share some basic material and design considerations that allow them to function in a variety of settings and in varying scales from the living room or gallery, to the public plaza. The original designs involved simple folding table/bench units as well as small pellet-like objects that can be installed as a kind of low-rise floor covering or stacked in a variety of configurations.

The basic premise of these projects is linked to the material from which they are made: post-consumer reprocessed plastics. An expansive material pathway in which we are all collaborators. The proposition related to the endless reproducibility of these modular forms offers a speculative strategy for holding or containing more and more material--not as an outright design solution per se, but as a pause in an otherwise unbroken chain of run-away production and material misuse. In this sense, they offer the simple functionality and containment of a stockpile, as a quiet form of resistance to ever-expanded systems of overproduction. Waste plastics have reached an almost unimaginable level of dispersal and detrimental environmental effect. The events being referred to here are entirely defined by the context in which these objects are being considered. The event can be seen as a dimension of Debord's spectacle, but it is also no more than these works, themselves, taking up space in storage as they anchor and hold in place–within each modular unit–their allotment of petro-chemical matter.